GT Instructional Seminars - Open to all 2nd-4th graders!

Mon, 10/16/2017 - 8:27am
Attention 2nd-4th grade parents!  Please see the information below regarding Instructional Seminars that will be taking place starting in the month of October.  All interested students can participate in these seminars, which will take place once a week during recess.  


2nd Grade:  Unbind the Mind
If you have a love for math and enjoy problem solving, this might be the seminar for you.  During this seminar, students will learn more about problem solving through a series of challenging math puzzles and games.


3rd Grade:  Tangrams
Students will work with tangrams to solve numerous puzzles at varying difficulty levels. They will create an animal and write a story about the animal they created to make a group book for our final project.


4th  Grade: Build It!
Are you creative and find challenging tasks to be enjoyable?  This may be the seminar for you!  During this seminar, students are presented with a task to be completed with provided materials.  The task does not include instructions or directions, just the required end result.  There are many possibilities for each task, as long as the result is successful!