Bullying Policy

Mon, 01/07/2019 - 11:13am

LoES is committed to providing a safe and nurturing school environment that values diversity and commonality. Acts of bullying, cyberbullying, harassment or intimidation are prohibited as these actions compromise the learning environment and well-being of students, staff and community members. Reports can be submitted online, in person or by mail. Once submitted, the administrative team will conduct an investigation within 2 school days. Investigations may include, but are not limited to: interviews with students and staff members, a review of available video footage, collecting written statements or a review of student records. Based on the findings, corrective actions will be implemented in accordance with the HCPSS Student Code of Conduct. The families of both the victim and offender are notified and given updates and a summary of the investigation. The full policy, including definitions and standards, can be viewed here.